Gorilla & Chimps Trekking & Gorilla & Chimp Tour in Uganda

Uganda has the highest population of mountain gorillas  in East Africa. Gorilla & Chimp Tour in Uganda is the best  activity in Uganda and you will have a chance to track them in their natural habitat. We arrange everything for you to make this once-in-a- lifetime experience possible. Gorilla & Chimp Tour in Uganda is the most recommended activity to do when in Uganda. Deep in the jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable forest, the giant silver back gorillas live with their families. You will have the chance to hike and be within 1 meter of these gentle giants as they go about their daily lives. This is a breathtaking opportunity that has become a highlight of our tours.

Chimpanzees are the closest-related species to human beings and there is  ongoing  research about their lives, behaviors and how they relate to us. We are able to arrange chimpanzee trekking for those who want to track and observe our primate cousins. This is a fun and leisurely experience for all our visitors.

Our Fleet

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