Our Guides

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Ayaz Ali

Guide( Arabic, English)

Ayaz Ali is the owner and founder of Motorcycle Adventure Uganda and a certified guide. Ali is an experienced rider and has extensive knowledge of Ugandan culture and tradition and geography due to many years spent exploring all the corners of Uganda. Ali will give you plenty of advice about how to ride motorcycles in Uganda on the unpredictable roads and safety while on the tours. Ali has knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and is able to fix mechanical issues on the tour so riders can enjoy the tour without hassle. Ali is able to answer all the questions potential riders have and will gladly share his love and knowledge of Uganda with all those he guides.

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Joseph Tabu

Guide(English, Kiswahili, Acholi and other local languages)

Joseph Tabu is a certified guide and a trained Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger who has a vast knowledge about animals and their whereabouts in the national parks of Uganda. With Joseph you can be sure to see lots of wildlife and be given detailed information about the animals. Joseph will also entertain you with humorous stories about his own run-ins with the wildlife of Uganda. Professional, personable and knowledgable, you can be sure to enjoy your experience of riding with Joseph.

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Jimmy Kasimbo

Guide (English, Luganda, Kiswahili)

Jimmy is a certified guide and a trained Uganda wildlife Authority Ranger. Jimmy is specialized in tracking the big cats such as lions, cheetahs and leopards. He can track the lions and leopards by their footprints and has much knowledge of their behavior which he will gladly share. Jimmy is well known and respected in the local and tour communities of Uganda and can take you to very close to wildlife on your motorcycle. He is safety conscious yet also strives you give you a close experience to the wildlife so that you can appreciate the beauty of these animals.

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Pius Samanda

Guide (English, Luganda, Kiswahili)

Pius Samanda is a certified guide and mechanic.He is our go-to guy when we have any problem with the bikes or any emergency on the road. He is well-versed in motorcycle problems and is always ready to help you with whatever bike related problem you may be having. He is polite, gentle and a sweet person who can teach you so much about the culture of Uganda. Pius knows all the roads in Uganda and is skilled with keeping you safe and able to enjoy your experiences on the open road.