14 Days Lake
Turkana Tour

14 Days

Lake Turkana Tour

This is our Most difficult Tour, This is the Loop Tour Starts from Kampala (Uganda) and finishes in Kampala (Uganda), if you really want to see and expeirence real tribal areas of Africa then this tour has to be your number one choice, We reach to places on this tour where very few foreigners have dared to go, this is Turkana region of Kenya, a forgotten Tribe and left alone to survive in very harsh environment with very few resources to live on, we will have our own camping equipment on this tour because most of the places we will visit dont have accommodations and our chef will be doing all the cooking for us but we can assure you that you will remember this tour for the rest of your life.

Highlights of our 14 Days Lake Turkana Tour includes:

Nile River
Sippi Falls
Karamoja Tribe
Turkana Tribe(Kenya)
Kidepo Valley National Park
Omo Valley (Ethiopia)
Sand, Rocks, Stones, Desert
Beautiful views Throughout the Tour

What's included in tour costs with: airport pickup and drop off, Offroad Bikes, food , accommodation, fuel, park entrance fee, guide fee, ranger fee, boat trips, tour t-shirts and caps.

Not Included : Water, alcohol, soft drinks, juice, afternoon coffee and tea, visa fees and other local activities.

Extra: $600 For Motorcycle Upgrade to 2022 Yamaha Tenere T700 Or 2022 Kawasaki KLR650

Contact us with any questions and for a detailed tour itinerary.

Days Lake Turkana Tour Price – $5200

Lake Turkana Tour VIDEO



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