1st Day of Motorcycle Adventure tour in Uganda.

Uganda Motorcycle Adventure

My name is Ayaz Ali and i welcome you to Uganda Motorcycle adventure, We are a Motorcycle tour Company Based in Uganda and organize guided tours in Uganda and Within East Africa as well as provide motorcycle rentals for those who wish to travel alone. we are starting our blog where we will be keeping all of you posted about our day by day activities on each of our tours.

27 June 2020 ,

1st Day Tours Details of 10 Days Motorcycle Adventure tour in Uganda.

So just a few days i received a call from someone name jerry who is an expat in Uganda and have been working in Uganda for a while, he had his brother and father came to visit him just few days before the lockdown started they had initial plans to travel around Uganda with a 4X4 car but the lockdown had dismantle all their plans and they decided to sit home as they wait for the lockdown to be lifted, luckily in Uganda motorcycles were not stopped moving even during the lockdown motorcycles were allowed to move so Jerry was just surfing around the internet for the things to do in Uganda and he landed on our website and thought it could be a good idea to do a motorcycle tour in Uganda now instead of waiting for the lockdown to be lifted and drive a 4X4 car.

Proceed towards our Journey

He contacted us and we arranged a 10 days tour for him within Uganda, we started our Adventure riding tour Uganda from Kampala the Capital City of Uganda, we left Kampala at 5:30am on a wet morning, the reason to leave Kampala Early is to avoid traffic jam in Kampala which can be very hectic dangerous at times, we headed out of Kampala slowly as the sun started Rising at 6:00am, as soon as we arrived on the highway the sun was out shining and the rain had stopped, we started riding on the highway, waving to the people along the road enjoying the fresh wind on the open road.

Enjoy the Coffee and Tea at Roadside Coffee shop

breakfast with tourist at Uganda

we stopped at the roadside Coffee shop at 6:30am to have a quick breakfast, the owner of the coffee shop was amused to see 4 big BMW R1200GSA has just parked outside of his small coffee shop and some white people are mumbling outside his shop while the bikes engines are still running, well the Coffee Shop owner waited for us to finalized our conversation which was mostly about what we need to order before he asks us how he may help us? we sat down on the small tables as we wait for our coffee and tea to arrive, we had some nice omelettes and had quick coffee before setting off to our next destination.

Heading towards Rhinos Track

Rhinos Track at Uganda

we head further north of Uganda, we started riding towards Nakasongola District where we will track Rhinos, about 180km out of Kampala there is a place call Zziwa Rhino Centaury, we arrived at the Centaury and met the Rangers who introduced himself as Muliro John, he then gave us lots of information about the Centaury and how it became a Centaury, unfortunately there were lots of Poaching of Rhinos in Uganda so Government of Uganda decided to Remove all the Rhinos from the all the National Parks of Uganda and moved them into a very Big under 24/7 surveillance area so they can be protected by poachers and remain save to breed, don’t get it wrong, it’s not a zoo, they are still wild Rhinos and no one can go close to them at all, our Rhino Tracking lasted for 1:30hr.

Started towards Murchison Falls

after the tracking we started our engines and head to one of the biggest national park of Africa , the Murchison falls National Park which was almost 120km from the Rhino Centaury, so far all our journey has been on a nice Paved road but soon we will be going off the grid, so we stopped at the last small town name Masindi where we filled up the Tanks and bought all the waters, drinks, snacks which we may need for next 2:30hr, our guide told us that this is the last town before we enter the national park and there will not be any shop or fuel station so we buy all the things from here till we reach to our camp site.

after filling the fuel in the bikes we continued with our journey, we turned right immediately after the petrol station and started getting the feeling of wilderness, red sand and dusty road was waiting for us, we kept riding as we make our way to national park entrance gate, about 40km from the Masindi town we crossed so many very small small villages and saw so many people who are walking on the road side without worrying about all the dust which is coming off the traffic from this road, just after 2km riding on this road and we realized all of sudden no one is around and it’s just us and the tiny dirty road which is covered with thick bushes on both sides, sunshine is getting hard now, so we stopped for some drink and discuss what’s coming head.

Amazing Views of National Park

we informed the riders that the main gate of the park is about 10km ahead so we should not stay in the middle of nowhere under the scorching and should continue so we did, arrived at the Gate where we collected all the Passports from the Riders and started arranging the entrance to the park, meanwhile everyone was looking tired and wanted to rest and we inform them that you have 30min here to rest at the Gate while do we the Paper work for the park entrance which really helped the riders to get freshen up and stretch their legs, so at about 1:00pm we enter the Park and headed to our Camping Site which is around 90km from the Gate and takes about 2hrs to reach because in the national park we are not allowed to ride more than 40kmph, it is a road under construction and there are very many animals around the road side.

 it’s a red sand dirt road, which has lots of sharp turns and blind spots so our guide will always remain in front to make sure the guest can see what’s coming ahead, some of the turns can be very interesting as you come out of the turn to just see how group of Giraffes have blocked the whole road and taking rest in the tree which are along the roadside, you can see lots of baboons on the road as well and they could be very stubborn and refused to give you a pass, remember never feed any wild animal when you are in the national park as it could lead you into trouble with Uganda Wildlife authority, we had about 3 stops before we finally arrived at our campsite, it’s called Redchilli Campsite, here you can find good accommodations, Camping site, Restaurant, bar, Clean Showers and toilets for Campers, we set our tents and unloaded everything from the bikes and showered before heading to the bar to have a cold beer and enjoy the sunset while have a breathtaking view of the national park, as the sun goes down the campfire was put on and everyone gathered around the campfire after dinner and share stories, some went to bed early and some stayed up till late, i went to bed too  good night. So here is the end of beautiful Africa Riding Adventures Tour in Uganda.

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